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We offer a personal ownership experience. Every horse is given care and attention to suit the individual. We have had increasing success over the past number of years, and we plan to achieve continuous improvement, always striving for the best. We like to keep our owners involved, welcoming them to visit the yard to watch their horses ride out and keeping them up-to-date.


If you have any interest in the upcoming sales or would like to get into ownership but don’t know where to start, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We would be delighted to help and set you on your way to racehorse ownership. We always welcome potential owners to come and view the yard and have a chat about what we have to offer.

Sole Ownership

Your horse races under your own name as an owner, sporting personal colours, while you reap the full rewards. You will get to enjoy updates from the trainer, visits to the yard and hopefully enter the winners enclosure!


This involves more than five members owning a horse together, under a collective syndicate name. This is a fantastic way to get first involved in ownership as it not only is it affordable it's also a great opportunity to share the enjoyment involved.


Between two and four owners have a horse together. Many people may get involved in a 'leg' (25%) in order share the responsibility,  the fun and also the cost involved with a racehorse. Owning a share can ofter give owners the best of all worlds. 

Success Stories

We always have a couple of handicappers that we own ourselves and we are often trying to get people into them. We would provide arrangements such as free leases, sales etc. For example, last year we involved some owners in a couples fillies, Longtimsincejaspr and Kilkeaskin Molly.


They had a lot of fun on the track with the horses and picked up prize money along the way. They subsequently sold the horses onto England for a profit. They are now going to reinvest at the store sales during the summer and will hopefully get a nice type of horse.

We found that Philip and his team provided an exceptional standard of attention and care to our horse. This commitment to getting the best out of every horse shows through Philip’s proven strike rate.

Having bought our horse cheaply, we were lucky to pick up prize money with her and sell her on. We were always kept well-informed and were welcome to call up to the yard and see our horse ride out anytime.

We had such a enjoyable experience that we are reinvesting in another horse with Philip now.

Richard Cully : C + J Syndicate

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